The Myrick Family

Don & Susan Myrick, Duffy & Dominique

About Pickwick Portuguese Water Dogs

We would like to take a moment to introduce to you ourselves and welcome you to our website.  We developed this site to share with you our Portuguese Water Dogs.

Susan met her first water dog in 1987.  With that, a lifelong love began.  Aleesha (Camerell's Small Wonder) was the first.  Shortly thereafter, along came her first show dog, Dewey (Ch. Camerell's Mister Pickwick).

In 1989, Ch. Marmais's Belo Um came to live with Susan and became Pickwick's foundation bitch.  She produced 14 titled offspring, many group placers and was a Producer of Merit.  With Bella, her fate was sealed and she was completely absorbed in all aspects of the Portuguese Water Dog breed.

Susan married in 2005 - relocating to Chandler, Arizona from the Pacific NW.  Don and Susan Myrick share their home with three Portuguese Water Dogs - Duffy and her two "kids", Pumpkin and Bugsy.  After taking a few years off from breeding and showing, the Pickwick PWD's now continue through Duffy and her puppies.  All of our dogs continue to be down line offspring of our original foundation bitch, Ch. Marmaisís Belo Um.

Pickwick Portuguese Water Dogs have competed successfully in agility, obedience, water and conformation.  Over the years, we've had top winning dogs in all venues.  We are active members in several dog clubs that promote this incredible breed.  As PWD enthusiasts and breeders, we are passionate and dedicated to the improvement and betterment of the breed.  If you don't already know, you will soon discover the Portuguese Water Dog is a very special breed.

We are members of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America, Pacific Northwest PWD Club, PWD Club of No. California and the Rio Salgado PWD Club (Arizona). Susan has been a past board member of the PNPWDC and is a current board member of the RSPWDC. In addition, we participate with the National Club's Breeder Code of Ethics / Breeder Referral Program.